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IQ tests with free results

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About our iq tests:

It has been proved that a correlation exists between success in society and  Intelligence Quotient IQ

The intelligence test
that we provide measures the G factor (General Intelligence) .
It can be considered as a distillate of several individual skills (fluent conversation, spins of figures, logical mathematic ability) and is  the equivalent to the more popular concept of intelligence.

All our tests are non verbal, culture fair (figures called Matrices) and based on famous Raven's Matrixes.
They consist of 60 or 35 exercises to be solved in 30-40 minutes.

After finishing your exercise you will receive your result with an estimated IQ and will be able to compare it with those of the average population.
Intershop.it provides you  a free IQ test as a sample..

For more  tests a small secretary contribution is required ..
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Free iq test samples

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ps: the test has a didactic  nonprofit purpose and is based on the following sources:
brno-online, EVA (Ceccoslovacchia) queedom.com (UK) www.wikipedia.org

To solve the exercises maximum concentration is required
In fact very clever people often obtain small and non congruent results because of distraction
For more accurate evaluation of IQ we suggest to try three IQ tests of the same kind and then compute the average of the results.

As after just one test you can't have a proper estimate..:-)

Time given for resolution is 30-40 minutes
No point will be subtracted for uncorrected answers!
nb: IQ Score button often needs more then one click to show the result


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